Are You Always Tired Or Not Feeling Well? You Could Be

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Are you always tired or not feeling well? You could be feeling restless due to lack of sleep. When a person is sleep deprived it raises a much higher risk to any type of chronic health problems compared to how your body feels when you receive enough sleep. Risks can include mood change, weight gain, high blood pressure, and a poor immune system a well-rested night can include energy, happiness, healthy and well rested.
Being well rested can mean a lot of good things come to your body but what happens when you aren’t well rested or maybe have too much sleep? Stress can affect a person’s sleep state by using the extra energy that must keep them awake at night. The more stress, the sleep a person will receive this can lead to a form of …show more content…

The less sleep you have the higher your appetite elevates. Elevated appetites are a pain to mess with, it’s hard to shave off all the extra pounds you gained from sleep deprivation. When trying to get back on a simple sleep cycle exercise is the best medicine. When exercising, try exercising in the morning you start to wake up (What’s the Best Time to Exercise) all the while burning off all your extra energy. It also helps reduce a person’s stress levels as you continue a routine daily workout. Creating the best sleep schedule possible is the only way to get your sleep cycle on track. You won’t be able to do that if you don’t reduce your sugar intake that increases your blood pressure (Barnes 2016).
High blood pressure can have all kinds of causes but one is lack of sleep. It could even make matters worse if you had high blood pressure to begin with (Sheps 2015). This occurs when a person only receives only five to six hours of sleep the night before. You can hurt the body this way or not being able to maintain your blood pressure (Sheps 2015). It can be obtained when your body’s stress hormones are not being regulated properly. This can ultimately lead to your rise in blood pressure if you are not careful it can get much worse that’s why you need at least seven to eight hours of sleep.
When getting at least seven to eight hours a night can be a satisfying reason and even a prevention of your high blood pressure. When

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