Exploring Othello's Relationship With My Writing

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I’ve always had a love hate relationship with writing. Finishing a long paper after days of work is incredibly satisfying. This is usually true for me because I rarely write something I don’t feel good about. When I write, I labor over every sentence. I constantly modify structure for the sake of clarity. I carefully control my word choice to avoid repetition. However, this attention to detail demands a lot of my time. I’m an incredibly slow writer. I managed to prove that this term whenever we did in class writings. I struggled to get my ideas on paper in the allotted time. I always got too hung up on the mechanics. I never really wrote complete responses. My thinking suffers a similar problem. I take awhile to figure out complex ideas. So receiving a prompt, and having to respond to it in forty minutes is hard for me. When it comes to larger essay assignments, I’m much more comfortable because I have time to find and flesh out my thinking. I’ve never really had problems with reading. Comprehension and speed have always been fairly easy for me. Othello has probably been the most difficult piece of literature I’ve read. While the language is very foreign to me, I can usually use context and the notes at the bottom of each page to understand what’s going on. My only …show more content…

I’m not bad at paying attention in class. Even when I do space out for a little while, I can usually jump back into the class without problems. On the off chance that I space or sleep for too long, I’m never really hesitant to ask questions to reinforce understanding. When we talk about complex ideas in class I pretty much always can follow along successfully. However, I think my own contributions in class could be increased. I don’t speak much. I feel that this is usually because I’m not very confidant in my ideas. I need time to flesh them out. I think greater preparation for future classes could help this a lot. This is why I do well on the larger

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