Areas that Could Be Improved and Avoided in Future Studies and Reports on Colorectal Health

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In 2010 a study was published by Phyllis D. Morgan, Joshua Fogel, Indira D. Tyler, and John R. Jones titled Culturally Targeted Educational Intervention to Increase Colorectal Health Awareness among African Americans. This study will be examined following an objective critique of the research conducted and reported. This analysis will show areas that could be improved and avoided in future studies and reports.
This study was conducted to increase colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) in African Americans as well as increase knowledge of CRC and decrease cancer fatalism. This study did clearly state the four study objectives based off of their literature review. The literature review showed several studies with increased
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The authors continued with the study by allowing a larger immediate intervention group and a dramatically smaller delayed control group than envisioned. The delayed control group was only 8% of the total participants in this study. The authors provided a concise explanation of the differences in the immediate intervention and the delayed control group. The data analysis stated they used descriptive statistics for the sample data obtained. The results as described by the author did have several possible unidentifiable errors particularly in the control group. The results were discussed with relation to their objectives and the literature review however the analysis was highly focused on the success of the study and only slightly addressed the limitations of such a small control group in proportion to the immediate intervention group. The authors went in depth on the ethical consideration and justification for continuing with the study with the uneven participant groups. The conclusion of the study demonstrated the authors’ confidence in the cultural targeting of education for CRC and the resulting increase in colonoscopy in African Americans.
This study was conducted in a reasonable manner and the limitations were clearly outlined by the author. However the results
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