Argument Against Transgender Police Profiling

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Transgender Police Profiling
Police profiling is far from a thing of the past. Recent events in American society have exposed not only racial profiling, but now discrimination and bias-based arrests on transgender individuals. While many corrections officers believe they are doing their jobs by arresting transgender people that they perceive as criminal or engaging in illegal activity, at times some officers take their harrassment too far and use their force in a bias-based manor. It is the responsibility of police to protect the rights and the safety of all citizens, and it is imperative that ALL officers in duty understand this aspect of their job. As leaders in the community, police officers often have a large impact on the people in the community that they serve. Negative actions towards transgender individuals on the behalf of officers can spin off public disrespect to this population. Public transgender figures are not shy to share their battles with discrimination. While her transition has been
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Police profiling and harassing the transgender population not only isolates transgender Americans, but also propels the violence and discrimination against them. The authority, officers and chief of the United States could do the nation an incredible service by opening their minds and modifying biases; sensitivity training would truly do wonders for America and western society as a whole. In order to have trust as a two way street between transgender individuals and police authority “law enforcement agencies should adopt policies that govern interactions with transgender and gender expansive individuals” (A National Crisis: Anti-Transgender Violence, 2015, p.4) this is the only way we can keep up our strides as a country for acceptance and the road to peace on
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