Argumentative Essay About Art

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A wise person once said, “Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It’s our differences that make us unique and beautiful.” I had been taught this in one of the most unusual ways. A few years ago, during the end of the day I had been given an invitation to come to the art show, which had meant my art was accepted. Once I had got home, my family congratulated me saying,” I knew you would get in.” and “ You did such an amazing job.” I had entered art in, but as I seen other kids art, I didn’t expect mine to get in, yet somehow I had still made it. The other children's art was more intricate and showed a higher level of skill, while mine was nothing out of the blue. I was itching for the art show to come. Suspense was slowly killing me from the inside out. The art show was only in a few days, but I wanted it to come much sooner. After what had felt like years of waiting, the day had come, the art show had finally arrived. I was so jumpy through the whole day of school, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had got compared to a frog. After school, I did my homework and tried to relax in one way or another. My method hadn’t worked since, curiosity still was killing me. As the old saying goes ” curiosity, killed the cat.” was true for my situation. The clock had finally struck 6:00, signaling was time to leave. My parents had drove my anxious self to the art show. As I walked in through the large glass doors of the community center, my nose was greeted with
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