Argumentative Essay: Do We Need Health Insurance?

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Few things open that figurative can of worms quite like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, especially with the tax penalty that comes with not being insured with some kind of coverage.

In a perfect world, it sounds great. But the reality for many is that health insurance can be tricky to obtain. Whether it is through private plans being too costly or not qualifying for medicaid coverage. The law has the individual shared responsibility payment as a tax penalty for those that do not have health coverage.

The shared responsibility payment is currently at 2.5 percent of annual household income or a payment of $695 per adult and $347.50 per child with maximum penalty of $2,085 whichever is the higher amount. Penalties for not having health insurance take effect …show more content…

Like in many other areas of tax processing, certain criteria will prompt an exemption. lists access to employer-spponsored coverage that amounts to an eight or higher percent of annual household income as a valid way to be exempt. It also notes that those living in states that did not expand Medicaid coverage and those that are living abroad can also be exempt. There are also temporary health plans that can provide coverage for as little as

Other exemptions include tribal membership, membership with a religious sect that objects to insurance and programs like social security and Medicare.

Without a valid tax exemption, minimum essential coverage is another option. This can consist of Medicaid coverage, private health plans from both companies and those achieved from federal or state-based exchanges and plans sponsored by your employer

An article from Forbes reports that in the ACA’s language prohibits the IRS and the federal government from imposing liens, levies, wage garnishments and time in jail for failure to pay. This is due to Section 500A(g)(2). So if someone to incur a penalty and refuse to pay it, are there

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