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| Breastfeeding is better for your baby | Argumentative Essay | | | Islas, R. Argumentative essay Among the many decision a woman faces when she is pregnant, is whether or not she will breastfeed her child. In our society and in this day and age, this has become a matter of choice as opposed to long ago where formula was nonexistent and the only means of nurturing your baby was to breastfeed. Many women are oblivious to the health risks their baby may endure having not being breastfed. Research and studies show that babies who are breastfed have better health among other things if they are breastfed. To add to that, formula companies tend to obscure the truth and bribe the doctors in to promoting their product. This…show more content…
Because of this, many doctors have received a cut for promoting formula from these major manufacturers. While the new mother who has just given birth to her baby feels that formula feeding is better since the doctor recommended it, little does she know that the doctor is doing what he was endorsed to do. Could this mean that many doctors are withholding the truth for money? It may very well be and I will further discuss this issue. According to studies done in the US, fewer than half of the babies are exclusively breastfed during their first two days in the hospital. “By the time they are six months old, only 19 percent of US babies receive any breast milk” (Coburn, 2000, 1). This is in large part due to the doctor’s orders. Little do these mothers know that the doctors are pushing formula products on these new mothers because they are obliged to do so under a contract. Coburn also states “To promote artificial feeding, formula manufacturers spend millions of dollars securing exclusive distribution deals for formula samples, at a yearly average of $6,000 to $8,000 per doctor” (p.2). Many formula companies distribute their products to hospitals to advertize their formula. It is a form of bribery, because if you give the doctors and physicians money they will without a doubt encourage the recommendation of that
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