Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion has been a sensitive and hot topic since the first recorded abortion in the Egyptian times, they often used unsafe herbal remedies to induce miscarriages. The earliest legal band on abortions is documented as being a 11th-century BCE Code of Assura that imposed the death penalty on married women who got an abortion without the permission of their husbands (O’Neil 34). For many years it was distasteful to discuss abortions, as well as something people kept private. In the recent years with its popularity in the news and politics, abortion has become a very heated subject once again (Rowland 223). Abortion is wrong for many reasons, from the long-lasting effects it leaves on mothers, the debate on whether a fetus is living, the easy availability, as well as late-term abortions, it is wrong in all aspects.
Women who undergo abortions are often put through more emotional and mental pain than they are the actual physical pain. “Women’s guilt over those abortions often manifests itself into a tangle of behavioral and psychological problems” (O’Neil 10). Many women opt for an abortion without first educating themselves in the emotional repercussions. Especially young women, who studies say are more likely to experience post-abortion difficulties. (Yoder 5). Many women are tormented with the guilt of what could have been, what the gender would have been, who he or she would have been.
So many questions will go through a woman’s head days, months and even years following

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