Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is a topic that a lot of people either shy away from and do not want to talk about or are very quick to fill you in on their opinions and has been a highly debated topic ever since the Roe v. Wade Supreme court decision in 1973. Even before Roe v. Wade, most people had a clear view of where they stand on the issue. In recent years this debate has been growing more and more popular. Whether one considers the fetus or is on side of the mother, the Constitution can be related back to abortion. The pressing question is, is the procedure constitutional? According to those who are pro-choice and the Ninth Amendment which protects all rights not specifically named earlier in the Constitution, then yes, it is. What is not …show more content…

Not only is this formation of the neuro connections a process, but it can also occur at different rates in each fetus. Because of this, making fetal sentience the cut off for abortions restricting since no one knows at what point the fetus starts to feel pain. Not only does creating laws to restrict abortions past twenty weeks into a pregnancy restrict the mother’s rights, but it also goes against the current abortion laws established by the Supreme Court and can be challenged in court. According to the Roe v. Wade court case, abortions are considered constitutional until the fetus is viable (Steinbock). So only after the fetus is viable, which is between twenty-four to twenty-eight weeks into the pregnancy, are states allowed to ban or restrict abortions. This means that some states are banning this procedure as early as a month sooner than what the Supreme Court decided was constitutional in 1973 as a result of Roe v. Wade. This can have catastrophic consequences for those like Christy Zink, who at twenty-one weeks found out the child she was expecting would have severe brain abnormalities and would have an extremely difficult life that would include constant seizures and living in a hospital (Ludden). Zink did not want to subject her child to that kind of life, and luckily she did not have trouble getting an abortion where she lived. But if she had

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