Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarettes The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is growing in popularity in the United States among people who are trying to quit smoking. The e-cigarette gives the nicotine and physical sensations that the brain craves, while supposedly reducing the amount of harmful substances and smoke found in true cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes remain unregulated and are purely experimental in many ways. The side effects of e-cigarettes are allegedly less extreme and are not as slow as other nicotine replacements. The fast acting nicotine replacement gives attempting quitters an alternative option to smoking regular cigarettes, with fast crave quenching ability. E-cigarettes are useful because they provide pure nicotine, while cutting out the harmful carcinogens and other addictive substances that are added into regular cigarettes. The liquid nicotine pods are electronically heated when using the e-cigarette. Thus, the result is a could of smoke, similar to that of a regular cigarette. Part of the craze that follows the e-cigarette is because it so closely resembles a true cigarette. A person’s brain perceives the same smoke and “throat hit,” the sensation felt in the back of the throat when one smokes a cigarette, that one would receive from a regular cigarette. For many users, this is essential part of the smoking experience. The ability to replicate this experience with an e-cigarette is extremely helpful to people trying to quit smoking. However,

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