Argumentative Essay On Gender Norms

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Ironically, when we were given this assignment I had the perfect opportunity to violate a gender norm. I attended my cousins’ baby shower this weekend and all the guests were in for a surprise when my cousin began to open her gifts. I decided to buy my new baby boy cousin a pink onesie and a dollhouse. When my cousin pulled the gifts out of the bag everyone had puzzled looks on their face. My cousin even asked me if I had given her the wrong gift. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying a baby boy what is deemed as girl things by society. In the world, we live in pink and dolls are for girls and blue and cars are for boys. If you buy your child anything that society deems for the other sex you break many gender norms. I received a lot of …show more content…

Historically, we are used to putting gender in certain categories. Pink has always been for girls and blue has always been for men for as long as I have been alive. In my opinion, pink looks great on boys to me. Every person is an individual and all stereotypes don’t apply to everyone. Because these things are considered “norms” they are expected of by every man and woman. Gender is a part of who we are but it does not define us. The reactions that occurred during the baby shower made me extremely uncomfortable. I was trying to remain neutral and not show that I was nervous about the situation, but the daunting glares that I received made me feel otherwise. Everyone was questioning my perspective and I felt as though people thought I was silly. The only word that truly describes my emotions that day are embarrassed. I never expected that buying a little baby boy pink clothing and a dollhouse would cause such an uproar. This exercise really showed me how much emphasis our society places on gender norms and how much we conform to them. Due to this reaction, I would honestly say that I would never defy this particular gender norm again. I will continue to buy little girls baby dolls and little boys toy motorcycles. In this case, society does control me because due to the reaction I will not go against gender norms again. There are positive and negative objective consequences of continuing to challenge this norm. It would cause open spaces for liberation and acceptance as

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