Anxiety Essay

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Please stop saying everyone is a little ADD, Mental Health Issues aren’t just feeling stressed or sad Educate Yourself How many of heard, things like “we're all a little add”, “cheer up and think positive, everyone gets sad” and so on. As I was sitting on the bus coming back from the gym today, I overheard a conversation about this. How people think they have anxiety and other mental health issues, because they had a bad day and feel stressed. While at the same time, when asked whether or not they have been diagnosed. When people do that, it truthfully does absolutely nothing other than making you look uneducated. Regarding a serious medical condition. Instead of going over the medical proof, I've decided to look at it from a different perspective. The perspective of the people, who are actually diagnosed with a valid medical condition. Which affects their mental health, I think that’s the best way to show my point! Anxiety: “Anxiety keeps me awake at night; it keeps me as a prisoner in my home. Anxiety makes me feel like a failure; it has taken away my self-worth. Anxiety makes me feel uncomfortable and nervous. Anxiety has taken away friends, family, opportunities, my life.” “Anxiety is like having new tabs opening very quickly [on your computer] one after another and not being able to close them or stop new ones from opening — but in your head. It happens while working, taking care of kids, driving, answering questions, and a million other things that people do

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