Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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At the beginning of the technology age there are bound to be some heavy influences when it comes to social media and the way voting will be affected by it. That doesn’t change the fact that change is constant, and the thing about change and our society is that we learn to adapt to new ideas and challenges relatively fast. Democracy evolves as we evolve and it has always been that way. Fake news and propaganda has always occurred when it comes to the presidential elections, this isn’t a new concept but our society is more prone to it now that we have expanded more onto the internet. There will always be freedom of speech and freedom of press so if you don’t like the fake information being out there you’ll need to release the good or true information to recover. 81% of people in America have at least 1 form of social media. As people become more educated about fake news, they’ll soon learn it’s affects and ways to determine whether or not something is fake news. Not enough people are informed yet, people still have the mindset of, if it’s on google it must be true. Social media could be very helpful if everyone was educated on fake news and knew the difference between fact and opinion. The internet is a place for people to discuss and share their own ideas and opinions, it would be much easier to form opinions if everyone knew when they were reading fake news. News travels much faster to the people as well due to the fact that everyone is more connected. Social media is
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