Argumentative Essay: Should Community Colleges Be Free?

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Two year community colleges should be free because students debt would be greatly decreased, it would help students in the long run, and the United States economy would rise because we would have more educated people. There are many other people considering this proposal. President Obama for instance is trying to do this. In the State of the Union address, the President brought this issue up. There are also schools in Tennessee who are already wanting to do this. There are many more reasons why community colleges should be free than those listed here. It would be helping students to jobs in America to the American economy.
The total debt that all of the U.S. students have has reached a record of one point two trillion dollars. This amount is …show more content…

He is saying “to lower the cost of community college- to zero”. He is saying that there will be free community college to those who will work for it. Students will need a two point five GPA or higher for free community college. He said this in the State of the Union Address(Calvert). In Tennessee, some colleges are already doing this, under the President's supervisions. Right now, twenty six point nine percent of Tennesseans have a two year degree, below the National average of thirty six percent. The Tennessean governor is looking to bring up that …show more content…

STEM education stands for Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics. Free community colleges would lure kids into these fabulous programs. With more educated students, it would get more educated minds into these important programs. This would result in an economic boom(Scientific American). Right now, there are about nine point one million Americans who are unemployed with millions others are underemployed. This is because many of them do not have a high enough degree. If Community Colleges were free, many of these unemployed jobs would be quickly

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