Argumentative Essay: Should Lunches Be Extended?

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Tired of not finishing your lunch? Personally, I say lunches should be extended because, students have to eat fast, and the lunch lines are drawn out.

First of all, students have to eat fast during lunch. The first thing to be noted, is that, lunches are about twenty minutes long, adding the fact that they release lunch early. Another problem is that some teachers release later. When I was in football, the coaches held us past the lunch bell for five to ten minutes. We did complain, but the coaches didn’t care. Others may say that they have the perfect amount of time to finish their lunch, but lunch is also our social time, and they most likely haven’t experienced being released later.

Secondly, the lines to get food are drawn out. For example, athletes that are released later than everyone else, once they have gone through the lines, they have less than ten minutes to eat. I’ve noticed how much they hate the lines and the little time they have to eat and talk. Other students may say it’s their fault for being late or slow, but the ones that are there on time are most likely released early, or when the bell rings. …show more content…

In my opinion, once these problems are fixed, less students will go hungry, and have more time to

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