Arizona Statehoodv and Constitution

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Corrie Biles-Brown POS-301 Arizona/Federal Government 09 June 2011 Once Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 the race began for European countries to claim their territory in the new land. This struggle to claim territory created a unique history for many of the Southern and Western states. A prime example of this is Arizona. While Arizona is now one of the fifty states that comprise the United States of America, it has not always been a state or territory of the U.S. Instead rather, Arizona has a unique history of territorial struggles on its way to become a state. When looking at the history of Arizona it can be broken down into different periods: pre-territorial, territorial, and becoming a state. First, let us…show more content…
This was included as a way to limit overpowering government and to ensure that the people of the state were being heard and their needs were being considered. Moreover, the ballot initiatives that the constitution enacted were progressive and ahead of their time, giving women the right to vote almost three years before it was included in the United States constitution. However, the most controversial initiative that Progressives included in the constitution was the right to the recall of judges. Recall was included in the draft of the Arizona constitution that was submitted to President Taft. Taft only approved the constitution after recall was removed from the draft. President Taft then signed the Arizona constitution in 1912. However, given the rights by the constitution, Arizona lawmakers included recall shortly after the President signed it (Hayostek, 2006). Overall, the state of Arizona has had a unique and interesting history. Through the process of becoming a state, Arizona based its foundation upon Progressive principles which can still be seen today in state policy as well as the federal bills and act that are proposed at a national level by representatives and senators of Arizona. Arizona’s Branches of Government and the Power and Function of Each Branch BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT | POWERS AND FUNCTIONS | EXECUTIVE- Governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general and superintendent of public instruction

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