Arranged Marriages Essay

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Arranged Marriages

What is an arranged marriage? Well in the Webster’s dictionary it is defined as a marriage where the marital partners are chosen by others based on considerations other than the pre-existing mutual attraction of the partners.
This habit has been very common in noble families, especially in reigning ones, at the scope of combining and perhaps enforcing the respective strengths of originary families (and kingdoms) of the spouses. A relevant part of history has been influenced by these unions. Arranged marriage is also the marriage concluded with the help of a middleman, once frequent in less cultivated social classes. In some areas it is the man who chooses his wife, often paying some money for her, to her family and …show more content…

Now during mid-evil England, Woman’s out look on marriage was based on social status and they believed that they should marry higher class in order to be recognized in society. While as the men during this era looked at women as more of an object designed for their amusement and didn’t hold women in high regard, this of course was different when referring to the King, he held his queen with the highest respects and didn’t lower himself to such acts. Also arranged marriages were also used in a manner of keeping peace among enemies by offering their daughters to the opposing enemy in marriage to keep the peace. This also plays to Royalty as well when it came to neighboring countries to help keep the alliance strong among countries. Of course by current times much of this has long been forgotten and is no longer practiced.
India/Middle East – In India arranged marriages are still done today and with strict rules and beliefs behind them most couples are forced by there parents to marry, some practices still in use is the marriage of twins to another set of twins. Also most marriages done are to better the existing family in wealth and in social status but like all systems, the arranged marriage can be abused. There have been a few highly publicised cases of harassment for bigger dowries; of fathers with daughters becoming financially stripped by endless demands for expensive gifts, of tyrannical interfering in-laws. And it goes without saying, no marriage, not even

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