Art : An Important Center Of European Medieval Art

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It is amazing how something that is recognized as an important center of European Medieval art is looked upon by most of the world as a place where you can snap a cool picture of yourself ‘leaning’ on the Tower of Pisa. A place detailed, yet decayed… a place with four monuments, yet recognized as one center… a place representing life, yet death. The aura surrounding this square makes me just want to sit on the grass and read or write or think. I just want the stony intricate building to envelop my train of thought and allow me to live in a world hundreds of years before. I want the world to appreciate art and to live in art and to see through art. I want the world to get off their useless, mind-numbing gadgets and look up at the sky, or down at the grass for just a split second. I want the world to ask questions, fight for something they are passionate about, and appreciate culture.
Imagining myself just sitting on the grass looking at the Cathedral allows my thoughts to wander to beauty. Most people do not recognize beauty if it is not what they conceive beautiful as. So I have come to a conclusion. You cannot base your beauty or self worth off of what people think about you, because everyone has preferences. I know it may not feel good that people don’t see you how you want them to, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less important than someone that does have the qualities this person is looking for. These are stereotypical, superficial thoughts. Your opinion is the only…

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