Art : An Important Center Of European Medieval Art

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It is amazing how something that is recognized as an important center of European Medieval art is looked upon by most of the world as a place where you can snap a cool picture of yourself ‘leaning’ on the Tower of Pisa. A place detailed, yet decayed… a place with four monuments, yet recognized as one center… a place representing life, yet death. The aura surrounding this square makes me just want to sit on the grass and read or write or think. I just want the stony intricate building to envelop my train of thought and allow me to live in a world hundreds of years before. I want the world to appreciate art and to live in art and to see through art. I want the world to get off their useless, mind-numbing gadgets and look up at the sky, or …show more content…

The cathedral is absolutely stunning. But, I may view it differently than other people do. If you are Islamic or Atheist, you may not view it as wonderfully as a Catholic or a Christian would. You might even view it as ugly and unholy because that is what you were brought up to believe… but that doesn’t mean it is. This, again, applies with people too. Other’s opinions should not affect you. You should not let how other people
Kelly 2 perceive you ruin your self-esteem, or ruin how you feel about yourself. Your opinion of your own self should be the only one that gets a say in the matter. Have you ever stopped and thought about how people take into account what others will think about them with every move they make? It is quite upsetting. Then, as I envision myself sitting in the grass, I let my eyes drift over to the Baptistery and I begin to wonder about religion. I will admit I am very confused about this topic. It is not that I don’t believe in God and his teachings but it is not that I do either. How can curse words be bad? How can a mixture of letters that come out of one’s mouth be a sin? It doesn’t make sense to me. How can a person that does well all their life but does not believe in God be punished to dwell eternally in Hell? I get the fact that if you do not want to have God in your life on earth than why would you want to spend the rest of eternity with him,

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