Art And Tom 's Leadership Methods

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Art and Tom’s leadership methods both seem to work well and they both connect with their subordinates, but they are not as effective as Carol using the principles of the Path-Goal Theory because the theory states that “a leader 's behavior is contingent to the satisfaction, motivation and performance of her or his subordinates (Wikipedia,” Art and Tom’s subordinates are completing their tasks and do not complain about the management, but Carol reacts to each of her subordinates needs and requests at an individual level.

Art’s management style focuses on the tasks and business aspects of the workplace. He connects with his staff predominantly through his knowledge of the company and the rules and regulations of the work itself. Art’s employees call him “hands-on”, but his approach focuses on what the employee is doing, rather than who the employee is. The employees at the same time mentioned that “they do not think he really understands where their situation”, suggesting that he is not connecting to their feelings and interests, which very much affect their satisfaction and motivation of the job. Art has a traditional management type, where the manager sets out expectations for the employees who need to meet goals, but the manager receives the reward for meeting those goals (Boundless Business, pg. 404). As Case 6.1 states, “the supervisors appear satisfied with their (the managers) work and have reported no major…
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