Article Analysis: The Birth of a Child

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Article Analysis The birth of a child presents multiple challenges for the mother as well as the nursing staff. One of the activities that nurses can engage in, to make delivery easier for mothers is providing labor support. While it is acknowledged that labor support is important. Structural, attitudinal and procedural limitations reduce the number of nurses engaged in the practice. Using secondary data from a prior study Barrett & Stark (2010) examine the factors that are associated with the labor support behaviors of nurses. The authors demonstrate clearly that there is a need to engage in research that identifies clear factors that can be manipulated to increase the number of hours, and the number of nurses involved in providing labor support. The study examined individual and institutional factors that are associated with labor support. The two elements are important since in any facility these factors work in tandem to produce the observed phenomenon. The individual factors may be of greater importance since nurses often demonstrate a strong desire to provide that support under specific conditions. The original study from which the data was collected was a crossectional study using a sample of 65 nurses. The nurses were recruited via email and the questionnaire administered using The selection criteria for the study included the provision of labor support in the past 24 months. The data were analyzed, and provided descriptive statistics relating
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