Article Review : Security Rule Checking Of Ic Design

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To: John Lieh
From: Szu-Hung Hsiao
Date: February 23, 2017
Subject: Analysing Professional Journal


The purpose of this assignment is to analysis the peer reviewed article “Security Rule Checking in IC Design,” which was published in the journal Computers in August 2016. This memo will focus on the readability, writing qualities, and scientific methodologies.

About Journal

Computers is an annual journal that publishes by IEEE Computer Society. It is peer reviewed journal that can be found online and hardcopy. Most of the articles which were written by computer researchers were about all stuff about computer such as hardware, software, new applications, etc. The target audiences are computer …show more content…

Moreover, as everyone knows that mathematics is the basic knowledge of computer science and engineering, I want to see the connection between all these subjects.

We will follow Markel’s Characteristics of a Technical Document in Ch.1 page 6 to analysis this article’s readability by six characteristics
Addresses Particular Readers
Helps readers Solve Problems
Reflects the Organization’s Goals and Culture
Is Produced Collaboratively
Uses Design to Increase Readability
Consists of Words or Images or Both

In the first and second page, the authors addressed out the articles aims to help IC designers to build less risk IC boards. “Hardware vulnerabilities can also result from design mistakes, often because the designer does not sufficiently understand security problems,” the authors point out that not only software, but also hardware will cause the vulnerabilities, and designers must understand the methods how to measure, design, and find the weaknesses. Moreover, some jargon was used in the article. For example, in the “Vulnerabilities from design mistakes and CAD tools” section, the authors introduced the CAD tools as “used extensively in logic synthesis, DFT insertion, placement and routing, and so on.” (4) It was hard to understand what it is if readers did not have the basic knowledge

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