As A Result Of Those Methods Being Less Effective, Led

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As a result of those methods being less effective, led Common core to become the accepted method of the public educational school system. Common core and No Child left behind became the newly welcomed processes concerning public school curriculums, expecting to unify all public schools on the same educational level. Additionally, disregarding their funding or the majority race attending the establishment. Some may believe that the methods of Common core has and continues to improve the educational system throughout the United States. Possible that Common Core would unify all schools across the states creating a standard for primary education. Paul Peterson, Samuel Barrows, and Thomas Gift, professors of Education Policy at Harvard…show more content…
Common core works for the benefit of some students but does it truly work for all? Does it work for students at risk, requiring extra assistance, or academically inclined? Common Core is not personalized, cost of the materials, and removing educated teachers’ importance to education (Rakow). Equally important, is Common Core truly helpful to students? Despite states meeting their standards set for Common Core, there is a drawback. “Each state establishes its own tests and profiency bar” (Peterson, et al). The standards that are met by each state are originally set by the state which becomes problematic. Standards of Common Core are set by the same legislation that receives funding for meeting the criterion (Peterson, et al). States are receiving funding for meeting whatever standards they set for the students. It is possible that state education legislations are purposefully setting low standards to receive federal funding as their reward for satisfying or surpassing their standards. The personalized nature of education has fabricated due to the newly accepted method. Gifted and less academically acclimated children are both subject to the standard Common Core work (Rakow). The lessons included in Common Core are “High-Priced, one size fits all programming” (Rakow). Also, Common Core is a “teacher proof” method (Rakow). Resulting in the necessity of the required materials, making educated teachers no longer necessary for learning the processes produced by Common

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