As A Senior Attending Bethel, I Have Experienced Seven

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As a senior attending Bethel, I have experienced seven semesters in an environment where covenant is enforced, but not often understood. Starting college four years ago was overwhelming. Not only was it hard enough away from family and being immersed in a new culture, but my faith was not necessarily grounded. I believed what my parents told me to believe without questioning ‘why’ or forming my own thoughts and opinions. I grew up in a family of strong Catholics where scripture was read, but that was the extent of it. Coming to Bethel, I signed a covenant. In my eyes, the covenant was more or less a scanned document which required me to click a box identifying that I agreed to the terms previously stated. But, what truly was a covenant? …show more content…

All relationships are linked to covenant in some way and by acknowledging that humans are intended for relationship, the purpose of our existence is more clearly identified (p. 22-23). The author also identified that we are inseparable from our Lord because “in limitless love for us, He has joined Himself to us, never to leave us” (p. 76). Topics that stood out to me most throughout these eight chapters were topics of blindness, choice, and how God is viewed today through the eyes of believers.
Blindness to the Gospel was identified quickly within the first few paragraphs of chapter one. The author introduces this topic by stating that “the tragedy is that a vast majority of believers entering the twenty-first century are blind to the fact that the Gospel announces and empowers them to be included into such a relationship with God” (p. 3). This statement hit home for me. This is a concept my sister is currently struggling to wrap her mind around and I have witnessed this struggle firsthand. Instead of trusting the Gospel, following Jesus full-heartedly, and strengthening her relationship with the Lord, her questions and doubts have begun to blind her to His truth.
The author provided a copy of a letter he received previously from a man named Bob who was experiencing a variety of doubts and hesitations. Throughout this letter, I felt that Bob was upset,

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