Technology Companies Are Quickly Becoming A?

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Chris Case

Today due to an increase in number technology companies are quickly becoming a ??dime-a-dozen??, however there are a few in which quality and innovation remain the most important aspect of their business. Amongst these companies exists a relatively large yet modest company, a company in which I am proudly employed; Unisys has given me a truly extraordinary experience, and an experience I hope to relay here. During the technology boom of the 1970s ? early 2000s many companies were formed, and in the middle of this era in mid 1986 the world would come to see the birth of Unisys. 1986 was the year that two of the largest main-frame companies at the time decided to merge; these companies Burroughs and Sperry, merged thus …show more content…

Their slogan while short is to the point and is ?Imagine it. Done.?1 Proving once again that Unisys while working toward efficiency has not lost the whimsical yet sophisticated desire for advancement that helped them succeed.
Unisys offers more services than can be appropriately listed, therefore a few key services will be mentioned. The company 's application services help customers manage their application portfolios, improve the code in their software, and re-engineer technology or migrate to better applications. Advisory services, testing, hosting, support and maintenance are also part of Unisys ' application outsourcing efforts. On the data center side, Unisys helps customers identify inefficiencies and consolidate and standardize data centers. The firm also works on virtualizing servers and automating data centers for companies who want to free up their IT staff to work on more strategic projects. Some

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