Technology Companies Are Quickly Becoming A?

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Chris Case

Today due to an increase in number technology companies are quickly becoming a ??dime-a-dozen??, however there are a few in which quality and innovation remain the most important aspect of their business. Amongst these companies exists a relatively large yet modest company, a company in which I am proudly employed; Unisys has given me a truly extraordinary experience, and an experience I hope to relay here. During the technology boom of the 1970s ? early 2000s many companies were formed, and in the middle of this era in mid 1986 the world would come to see the birth of Unisys. 1986 was the year that two of the largest main-frame companies at the time decided to merge; these companies Burroughs and Sperry, merged thus becoming Unisys. Though the early years proved to be a struggle the company continued to pursue excellence and innovation, a move that would prove to be much worth the initial struggle.
Unisys prides itself on providing technology solutions and services, worldwide. These services are invaluable and include software and hardware consulting, outsourcing, the integration of systems both offline and online, management and creation of infrastructure, and server technology. Unisys provides these services primarily to relatively grandiose companies and the agencies of major governments of upwards of one hundred countries. Making it one of the largest international technology companies working in the private and public sector.
Unisys?s mission or…
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