Assessment And Summative Assessment

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An assessment is the process of gathering, interpreting and recording information about the students and reflects on the information gathered to make effective decisions in the future to improve the learning process.
Assessments is a vital part of our curriculum planning of lessons. It is something connected to the teaching and learning process. It has an important role to play in deciding the levels of achievement within the school. Effective assessments provide information to improve the teaching and learning process. It is also important to give feedback on the student’s learning progress, so that they understand where they went wrong and areas where the student is supposed to work on.
There are three types of assessment, they are diagnostic assessment, formative assessment and summative assessments.
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Examples of summative assessments are tests, assignments and projects. The tests, assignments, or projects are used to determine whether students have learned what they were expected to learn. Through summative assessments the teacher can determine whether and to what degree the students have learned the material taught to them.
Almost every teacher keeps track and records of summative assessments mainly because it showcases a student’s understanding level through grading at the end of a learning session. But it is also important to keep track and records of formative assessments too because it is done during the learning process. Record keeping and tracking down the results of assessments is a very important part of a teacher’s role. Schools and teachers keep records of assessments for the purpose of teaching and enhancing the learning process. Teachers need to keep effective records for every student. It allows both the teacher and learner to reassess the teaching and learning

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