Assignment 2: Chain Management at Durham International Manufacturing Company (Dimco)

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Assignment 2: Chain Management at Durham International Manufacturing Company (DIMCO) Case Study Determine whether integration efforts should start with suppliers, distribution, or both. Explain the rationale for your decision. What are the basic components of a supply chain? Most companies are utilizing a five supply chain components, in order to bring products to the marketplace. The five supply chain components are Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Consumers/Customers. Effective integration and management of supply chain components and processes is helping to cost reduction and improve customer service. Supply Chain integration also gives a new set of capabilities which helps to the company to increase revenue and…show more content…
It may be helpful to think of the participants as the divisions of a large, vertically integrated corporation, while the independent companies in the chain are bound together only by trust, shared objectives, and contracts entered into on a voluntary basis. Unlike captive suppliers, independent suppliers are often faced with the conflicting demands of multiple customers. All supply chains are integrated to some point. One objective of increasing integration is focusing and coordinating the relevant resources of each participant on the needs of the supply chain to optimize the overall performance of the chain. The integration process, requires the disciplined application of management skills, processes, and technologies to couple key functions and capabilities of the chain and take advantage of the available business opportunities. Goals typically include higher profits and reduced risks for all participants, retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers. Retrieved July 29, 2012 Recommend ways that DIMCO could benefit from leveraging B2B e-Commerce. B2B E-commerce helps to remove barriers raised by geographic fragmentation of the market. While buyers get to know about new sellers with better products, suppliers discover new buyers. B2B also helps in
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