Associate Degree Level Nurse Competencies

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A person who wishes to become a registered nurse may enter three different program types: a diploma degree program, an associate degree program or a baccalaureate degree program. These three different types of educational programs can result in the same destination, taking the National Council Licensure Examination for a Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). There are a few differences in competencies between the associate degree level nurses and baccalaureate degree level nurses these include, level of commitment, leadership skills and their quality of patient care given. Even though associate degree programs may prepare nurses for patient care in a hospital setting, that training is insufficient for a variety of nursing roles. The “baccalaureate…show more content…
(Nurse credentialing , 2013) According to AACN’s survey, “in October 2014, more than 79% of employers are now requiring or expressing a strong preference for nurse with a baccalaureate degree.” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing,…show more content…
It has grown from a non-educated nurse to one that has to be even more educated to keep up with the fast changing times with diverse topics and culture differences. It is a constant challenge for physicians and nurses to do their best in the fast changing nursing field. As nurses, we have to be constantly upgrading our education. We can’t expect anything to always be the same and to never change. Register nurses today work as a team, they work every day with physicians, pharmacists, speech and occupational therapists, just to name a few. Since nurses are primarily responsible for direct patient care and coordination, I believe that they should not be these educated on the health care
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