Athenahealth 's Mission : An Organization

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Athenahealth’s Mission: Athenahealth is an organization which understands that in today’s health care market, organizations can become overwhelmed with overly wasteful and disorganized administrative systems. Athenahealth is aware that these outdated systems can sometimes impede quality of care. However, their organization strives, as a single entity, to address these concerns by becoming the nation 's premier health care systems provider and empowering patients to be as actively involved in their care as they want to be. Their open technology platforms readily support improvement by providing consistent innovation and encouraging others to become a part of their mission. Their company is tirelessly developing new tools and services for the benefit of everyone involved with the health care field.1 Athenahealth’s mission is “to become caregivers ' most trusted service, helping them do well, doing the right thing.” Athenahealth has been a premier physicians ' advocate for the past 24 years. Their organization works hard so that physicians and healthcare professionals don’t need to be distracted by anything that could pull focus away from their patients. Athenahealth combines groundbreaking, cloud-based software, networked knowledge, and back-office services to meet the many, varied demands of the healthcare field. They are a trustworthy organization that focuses on administrative tasks so that healthcare professionals can deliver more personalized care to their patients. Any

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