Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Back then athletes were not payed as much as they do today, leaving them having little money to spend after paying bills. Now athletes have the money they need and barely any go bankrupt for no reason. Athletes deserve what they are payed.
The first reason of my two is that athletes are only paid as much because it is us that pay them. We decide how much cash that an athlete makes every time we buy a ticket to their games,or a jersey with their names on the back. The people who watch the athletes are the ones that decide their paycheck.
Second, athletes take a chance every time they take the field. Most athletes are a concussion or blown knee away from losing their job. Also almost all professional athletes did not go to to college, causing them to not be able to get a good job after they leave sports. To follow that up, only 17% of athletes actually make it into the big leagues.
Some may think athletes aren't smart with money but, people might not realize what an athlete leaves on the field. An athlete's career is one of the shortest lived careers in the job world. …show more content…

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