Attachment Theory And Development Of Self Concept

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Many factors can impact upon the learning process of an individual. Long et al (2010) argues that learning is about changes in the amount or type of knowledge that an individual obtains. Learning shows how an individual has benefitted from an experience and how this impacts on the way they work or act more efficiently as a result of that experience (Long et al 2010). Therefore, learning can be demonstrated by changes in an individual’s strategy or their ability to think differently about a problem which enables them to anticipate specific outcomes leading them to have control over a particular environment (Long et al 2010). This essay intends to explore how attachment theory contributes to the development of self-concept and then discuss how this can impact on an individuals learning. This essay will begin with a definition of attachment, how an attachment a child builds impacts on the development of their self-concept and then how these concepts impact on learning. Attachment theory can be described as having the strongest theoretical influence in the studies of an infant-parent relationship (Bee and Boyd 2003). Lindon (2005) argues that attachment is central in any discussion of a child’s social development: ideas and perspectives have varied since the mid-twentieth century however the consistent theme that emerges through is that early experiences matter. Lindon (2005) puts forward a general definition of attachment suggesting that an attachment is, “…a bond of
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