Attainable, Realistic And Timely: Planning Model Essay

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Exercise 2:

S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) Planning Model

a) Smart Goal - to pay off student loan as fast as possible.

specific: Alice's goal was to pay off her student loans right away

measurable: Alice will decide how much she feels comfortable with in paying on the loan each month.

attainable: Alice will decide if she can reduce her expenses to help pay off the student loans faster

realistic: Alice will need to decide if she has time to work at an additional part-time job.

timely: Alice will need to figure out if she can pay the loan off in 5 years or 10 years, having a reasonable amount to meet her goal of paying off the loan.

b) Smart Goal - to buy a house and save for children's education.

specific: Alice needs
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d) Smart Goal - retire.

specific: Alice has a future goal to retire at a decent age.

measurable: Alice should try to figure out every aspect of her retirement goals - in writing and deciding upon her health now & then.

attainable: Alice will need to distinguish how much of retirement is reachable (Ex: if she needs to continue to work part-time if she quits her FT job)

realistic: Alice needs to look at reaching baby steps with this retirement stage of her life. Maybe not jump in full force & quit working completely?

timely: Alice will have to try to guess when a perfect time to retire is. Go out with a bang ? Or just keep working as long as she can if her health is good?

e) Smart Goal - travel around the world in a sailboat.

specific: Alice would like to travel in a sailboat around the word

measurable: Alice needs to figure out how expensive & what she will need to travel around the world

attainable: Alice has to find out how long she will need to travel in the
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