Attitude Change Strategies

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Attitude Change Strategies:
Attitude changes are learned; they are influenced by personal experience and other sources of information, and personality affects both the receptivity and the speed with which attitudes are likely to be altered. Altering consumer attitudes is-a key strategy consideration for most marketers.
For marketers who are fortunate enough to be market leaders and to enjoy a significant amount of customer goodwill and loyalty, the overriding goal is to fortify the existing positive attitudes of customers so that they will not succumb to competitors' special offers and other inducements designed to win them over. Most competitors; take aim at the market leaders when developing their marketing strategies. Their objective is
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For instance, three consumers may all have positive attitudes toward Suave hair care products. However, one may be responding solely to the fact that the products work well (the utilitarian function); the second may have the inner confidence to agree with the point "When you know beautiful hair doesn't have to cost a fortune" (an ego-defensive function).The third consumer's favorable attitudes might reflect the realization that Suave has for many years stressed value (equal or better products for less) - the knowledge function.(1)

2. Associating the product with admired group or events:
Attitudes are related at least in part to special groups, events or causes. It is possible to alter attitudes towards companies and their products, services and brands by pointing put their relationships to particular social groups, events or causes. For example a detergent powder advertising that a certain percentage of their profits will be going towards educating the poor children of the country.
A research found that if corporate sponsors fail to explicitly indicate their motives for a company/cause or product/cause association, it is likely that consumer will from their own motive for the association between the company, product or service and the cause. The research indicates that it is good idea for a sponsor to reveal to target consumers the reasoning behind their
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