Attitudes Toward Luxury Goods

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Attitudes toward luxury goods Attitude towards luxury goods and services plays a significant part of consumer’s purchase intention. It is a tendency to react positively or negatively towards a specific idea (, 2014). It stands for a global and enduring evaluation of an action, object, person or issue. Attitude is also a “lasting, general evaluation of people (including oneself), objects, advertisements, or issues ( (M., Bamossy, & Askegaard, 2002, p. 127). The definitions exemplify that attitude is dependent on how a consumer perceives a brand. Attitude is an influencing factor for consumer’s choice of buying a product. In general, our attitude towards an object, person or idea is pre- determined by external factors. It is almost impossible to have a neutral attitude. Our family, friends, society or media are several examples of having an impact on our attitude towards an object, issue or person. Besides this aspect, attitude has a significant and highly impact on our purchase behavior. Throughout the following paragraph the attitude towards the luxury brand Dior will be outlined and explained. Attitude is a component of 3 main categories: Cognitive, affective, conative. These 3 components are interdependent and are highly influencing the individual’s reaction during the purchase phase. Cognitive represents the component about consumer’s beliefs towards an object. The individual might have a positive or negative belief. For instance, he or she

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