Attributes of Procedure-Based and Goal-Based Information Activities

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Ch 1 - McNurin & Sprague
Review Question 10) List several attributes of procedure-based and goal-based information activities. Which do you think are most important? Why? Attributes of procedure-based information activities include (with examples): •High volume of transactions – transactions associated with the stock market. •Low cost (value) per transaction – transactions associated with mechanisms that output to a screen what a customer has bought at the grocery store. •Focus on process – the steps a worker routinely makes on their terminals to place an order to buy stock for a customer. •Focus on efficiency – the steps a manager makes to be sure that employees have the right information at their fingertips. Attributes of
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2) Be enthusiastic – inspire others through actions to share the vision
3) Help others to act – Be a team player and support others efforts and talents
4) Set the example – provide a consistent role model for others
5) Celebrate achievements – Use emotion to rally hearts as well as minds

Discussion Question 2) Do you agree that the "rules of the game have changed" enough to warrant redefinition of the CIO 's role. Won 't the primary responsibility continue to be managing IT? Aren 't there other executives that are better prepared and perhaps better motivated to know the business and its vision. I agree that the "rules of the game have changed" and feel the CIO role will continue to change as technology and business practices come into play. CIO is now not only someone who must understand recommendations for technology but understand business as well. The primary responsibility of IT in the future will be more of a mixture of information technologies and major business practices, which in essence will help with a strategic business unit (SBU). Other executives are not better prepared because the CIO is the vision who provides over-sight, strategic planning and management direction on all information technology and information infrastructure programs. Critical Questions:

Ch 1 – McNurin & Sprague

Question 1 – "Information systems are now viewed as system "products" and users have become "customers." Pg 12 Haven 't information systems

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