Audience-Targeted Communication: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Case Study

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Audience-Targeted Communication: Chilean Copper Mine Collapse On August 2010, news of Chilean miners trapped in a copper mine have been the target of international media, focusing on how the miners were trapped for 17 days before first contact and communication was established. News articles reported about thirty-three (33) miners in San Jose, Chile, who were trapped 2,500 feet below surface. Everyday, the Chilean government, rescue team composed of local and international experts, the miners' families, and international media await the outcome of the rescue mission while news about the miners' from underground were documented through notes and video conversations between the miners and their families. This rescue ordeal has been tagged as a three-week long "drama" that discussed different aspects of the event and rescue mission: the lives of the miners prior to the mine collapse, the psychological and physical health of the miners, the response to the mine collapse itself, and the issue of safety not only in the San Jose copper mine, but of all mines that are the lifeblood of many Chilean males / heads of the family. In developing a communications plan and message for the miners' families and company employees (groups directly affected by the incident), it is critical o understand the stake of each group about the event itself and its potential or eventual outcome, whether good or bad. For the miners' families, it is critical to understand that their concern is the

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