Australia 's Margaret River Winery Region Essay

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Welcome to Australia’s Margaret River Premier Wine Region
Wines, both red and white, have been a source of refreshment for over 8000 years. To date, a cave in Armenia is the only location of the oldest known winery ever discovered, circa 4100 B.C. And since that time, the people’s love of grapes and their savory, fermented liquids has never looked back. Over the centuries, there have been a handful of countries that have proven more climatically advantageous in producing exceptionally renowned wines. Today, Australia is acknowledged as one of the top 5 best wine producing countries in the world.

While the country’s signature Shiraz grapes were first introduced in 1832, the modern era of Margaret River wineries has evolved from one initial grape farm in 1967 to an amazing viticulture paradise of over 200 private and public vineyards. The area’s climate and geography have proven to be an idyllic blend of the natural resources required for growing exceptional grapes. The Margaret River winery region produces 5 percent of Australia’s entire grape population, but reigns supreme over 20 percent of the country’s entire premium market for wines.

The outstanding reputation of Winery Margaret River may be primarily based on its Cabernet Sauvignon wines and its Chardonnay wines, it also has an excellent standing for its Semillon Sauvignon Blanc wines. Amongst all of its regional wineries, Margaret River yields a variety of harvested grapes that are nearly evenly divided

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