Australian And Native American History

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While from two vastly different regions and cultures of the world, Australian and Native American mythologies have more in common than people initially realize. Both span thousands of years of traditional lifestyles, having developed unique folklore in order to preserve their cultures. Australian mythology has a slightly less severe tone, having written their myths in order to record them in the aftermath of colonization, while Native Americans feel a religious reverence for the tales because they view their stories as true accounts. However, while their tones are different, their thematic similarities stretch from their long histories and creation myths to the importance of animals and astronomy. Similar to Australian aboriginals, Native American people have a history that spans hundreds of centuries. Historians and archeologists estimate that the first Native American population, or Paleo-Indians, consisted of “nomadic hunters from Asia who migrated to the continent probably during the last glacial period (Bastian and Mitchell 6). The dates of the natives’ first appearance in history range from twenty-thousand to sixty-thousand years ago (Bastian and Mitchell 6). Like aboriginals down under, they formed their own separate cultures around the land, developing a “wide range of small-scale, oral cultures” (WILLIS 220). Native American groups were more distinguishable than Australian tribes, however, each having founded separate and unique characteristics. At the end of the
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