Austri A Beautiful Country

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Have you ever wondered about Austria, or what it’s like? Austria is such a beautiful country, covered by mountains, rivers, and lakes. The country is an amazing place to visit because of the amazing landforms, climate, little rain, and the temperature year round. Austria is also a good place to live because it has a free government, which allows you to be whatever you want and have more rights. First, I will tell you about Austria’s geography. Then, I will explain the government and how it works. Austria is located in Central Europe. Its exact location is 47.60 north, and 14.15 east. Since it is located in Europe, it borders the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The longest border…show more content…
Grossglockner, a mountain in the Alps, is located in Western Austria, and is the highest point. It is part of the Glockner group, a mountain range in Alps. It is 12,461 feet tall (3,798 meters). The Neusiedler Sea is the lowest point in Austria. It is 337 feet deep. The lake is located in Eastern Austria, on the Austria and Hungary border. The longest river in Austria would be the Danube River, which is 1,777 miles long. The river runs through North Austria, and is located in the Rhine Valley. The Danube River is one of the busiest waterways in Europe, and is very important for transportation in Austria. Also, the Danube River is the second longest river in Europe. It stretches through Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Moldova. The climate of Austria can be split into three main sections. In the north, there is a marine west coast climate. Northern Austria is where most of the agricultural activity happens. This is because there is warmer weather in the north, and there is more fertile soil from the Danube Southern Austria, which has a humid subtropical climate, also has fertile soil. The south is known for its rolling plains. Eastern Austria has a highland climate. Unfortunately, the east has poor soil, steep slopes, and cold temperatures. Due to these conditions, most of the population is living in the western areas, with good soil and warmer weather. Rain in Austria
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