Authoritarism in Argentina in the Last Fifty Years Essay

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Latin America politics in the past 50 years have been regarded as being unstable with military regimes, authoritarian rule, and violent. Latin America has been considered an authoritarian region with rulers either military or civilian directed. 3 governments are important to stabilize countries with tension of nation crisis by eliminating the popular sector in the national politics. In Argentina the prevalence of authoritarian changed the principal lines of the former government in their social, economic, and political ideas. Argentina in the early 1930s was led by a “populist” government, which was the dominant national political coalition, then converted to an authoritarianism government with alternative economic strategies, and improved …show more content…

Not all Latin America countries had the same rules and policies when they were authoritarian. Several differences between regimes are the role of leadership; intersect groups or coalitions in supporting their government. Latin countries had different strategies in how a government should move forwards towards the future. Similarities that regimes had were “ interest representation based on enforces limited pluralism “(Malloy, James M, pages 4). When viewing Latin Americas perspective on authoritarian rule can be broken down into three levels “ (1) regime-type authoritarianism running from old-fashioned caudillo, (2) overarching subtypes “ corporation” structural and organizational principles, (3) leaders, supporting coalitions and policy strategies.” (Malloy, James M, pages 3). Overall different countries had differences authoritarian rule but there similarities in structure and organization in principles were still the identical. Colonel Juan D. Peron merged rapidly as a political figure and a person that could take over the country. Peron was closely associated with General Edelmiro Farrell, who became president. With the backing of the new president Peron had his target the vice presidency, also the ministry of war Peron was gaining power in the military and the citizens of Argentina. Peron was becoming popular rapidly as prominent political figure. He

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