Autism Vs Adhd Research Paper

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The brain is the king of every human body, and which regulates everything in the human body. Unfortunately, there are some disorders which can affect its function called learning disabilities. There are two specific disorders common in children: Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These are very similar to each other, but they also have differences in some ways. Learning disabilities are disorders which affect the function of the mind like the acquisition, reception, understanding, and processing of information. [1;2] Children who have learning disabilities may have problems with reading, writing, doing math, understanding directions, trouble memorizing things, or trouble staying focused. [1] It can be hard to discover learning disabilities …show more content…

These differences include: communication skills, theory of mind, eye contact, and response to medication. [6-14] First, children with ADHD have communication difficulties, but they can learn some words, and they sometimes can understand non-verbal communication such as deciphering body language, tone of voice, sarcasm, facial expressions, and other elements. [6] On the other hand, children with Autism may have great challenges with non-verbal communication. [7;8] Second, theory of mind, which means the ability to put oneself in the brain of another person and see the world from the point of view of that person. [9] Even though children with ADHD may look like they lack empathy at times, they can understand how others may feel or think more than children who have Autism. [9] Third, children with ADHD may have trouble with social interaction, such as eye contact, but they still are able to communicate through the eyes more than children who have Autism. [10;11] Fourth is the way in which the children respond to medication. [8] Unlike children with ADHD, children with Autism do respond as favorably to ADHD medications.

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