Autoimmune Disease In Children Essay

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Autoimmune diseases in parents of children with infantile autism: a case-control study Infantile Autism is classified as a heterogeneous pervasive developmental disorder that impairs communication, social interaction and the presence of limited selection of activities. Infantile autism (IA) is a complex multifactorial disorder, and the evidence suggests that the pathogenesis is likely to involve strong genetic factors (Mourdisen et al., 2007). The article I have chosen is a research case-control study that involves autoimmune diseases within the parents of children that have infantile autism. The autoimmune theory was first projected after the observances of a bizarrely high number of autoimmune disorders were found in families with an autistic child.
The case-control study was performed in Denmark in the Copenhagen and Aarhus university hospitals. The sample was taken from the population of patients that were attending certain departments in the child psychiatry units. This register study compared the rates and types of autoimmune disease in the parents (Mourdisen et al., 2007). There were approximately 111 patients, along with their parents, used; 82 males and 29
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In my opinion, not knowing much about the science behind this and not knowing much information about conducting a research study, I feel as if this was a very complex study but I am not sure about the level of accuracy. I am just not completely sure of how accurate 27 years’ worth of medical records are. Overall, I believe this was a great research study. I also believe there should be more research done involving Infantile Autism, the causes, and certain medical issues that can be associated with IA. I think that this research study could help bring awareness to the parents whose children have IA; however, I do not believe this study will help the parents find many
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