Automated Floating Point With Spacial Positioning Of The Articulated Systems For Automatic Stability Balancing

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S.Sathyasurya P.G Student . Dr G.kannan professor
Department of ECE
B.S.Abdur Rahman University
Chennai, India.

The relative positioning of articulated vehicles is identified in the system and also to maintain the load stability of the system is presented. Here the implemented system can monitor the working conditions of the whole system by using MEMS sensor to measure the relative positioning of the system with the load stability on the wireless end device. The system is consists of two wireless devices called Wireless Master Device (WMD) installed on the main
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Therefore there is a huge need for active and pre-crash safety enhancement systems. Most of the accidents, in Fact occur due to human errors because many operators ignore the machinery safety limits of the system.
During the past years there were a lot of safety systems have been proposed for commercial and industrial vehicles for collecting information from the vehicle to model the system dynamic response and prevent the occurring of dangerous working conditions. The secondary device connected to the main device will be monitored continuously using MEMS sensor to identify the dangerous working condition of the system, which can occur when the pitch angle becomes very large that causes jackknifing, which drives the machinery close to its brake/acceleration limit. When roll angle becomes very large, the system may get side slip. When the pitch angle gets large the system may get roll up. To detect these occurrence of situations, the detection system has to measure and track the roll, φT, pitch, θT, and yaw, ψT, angles of the main system with the roll, φB, pitch, θB, and yaw, ψB, angles of the secondary system to stabilize the load depending on the x-axis values in the mems sensor. Thus the yaw, ψR, angle is the relative measure of both the main and secondary system to avoid jackknifing of the system. Further these angles are measured by using MEMS sensor that is
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