Automobile Car Body Is Made From Other Grades Of Low Alloy And Low Carbon Steels

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• Automobile car body is made from various grades of low alloy and low carbon steels that are prone to corrosion in the absence of proper surface protection [1,2]. Therefore, car body is traditionally coated with primer, followed by paint for better corrosion resistance. However, due to process complication, design intricacy and other issues, it is often observed that despite of applying several layers of primer and paint on the car body, it suffers from General, Pitting, and Crevice corrosion. When such corrosion occurs within the warranty period, it usually costs the car manufacturer significantly and more importantly, it results in bad customer experience. The success of automobile industries depends on keeping the customer satisfied with quality of product and services. Therefore, it is highly imperative that such problems are identified at an early stage and find effective solutions to mitigate them efficiently.

• Cold rolled steel sheets remained the most widely used car body material. However, to meet the future energy efficiency requirement of automobiles, automobile industries will have to look for optimum way in designing and usage of steel sheets. The standard TS-4011 summarizes the additional requirement for cold rolled sheets for critical auto body components and outer panels. In general, steel alloy must have high formability and high strength. In addition, car body material must have good joining characteristics. It is a common observation

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