Autotech Company Essay

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Autotech company is an automotive manufacturing and supply company. It has started its business as a family business. Nowadays it is one of the fast growing automotive companies. Currently it is facing complex operation of its business as it keeps all records such as billing, inventory, personnel, customers, products, stock, financial etc. in hard copy format such as files, note, books etc. It is very tough to maintain files, papers, notes manually for an extensive time, which is time consuming, costly as well not accurate as paper work is required more time and their maintenance cost is more than soft copy storage and maintenance. As per my point of view, Autotech needs to develop Information Systems in its business to make easy and …show more content…

Moreover, Autotech will have competitive advantage in terms of cost effective and unique products and services as these systems can support in Research and development of Products, services, production process. With ISs, Autotech will able to obtain innovative design of auto parts, production process, modify auto parts, improve auto parts quality, improve production schedules. IS recognise and generate new products and services to grow new markets to drastically change business process via adopting digital forming and simulation of product, design to diminish time and cost of market. Moreover, Information systems manage all the supply chain process from raw materials to where the end product is used. ISs keep records of supply, distribution, storage of goods, manage transport and distribution centres with accuracy and fast. Telecommunication network provides better capability and opportunities in logistics. Supply chain, production process, manufacturing process will impact on sale of Autotech company’s products as Autotech will have quality and cost efficient products. As well, these systems will help to demonstrate and present products to customers in strategic way and product design, scheduling, quality can manage through Information systems. Autotech needs to collect and analyse data of customers’ requirement and their feedback of their products which will be provided by these systems with less

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