Aviation Scholarship Essay

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I have been involved with aviation my entire life. Surprisingly enough, it all began with paper airplanes. As a young child I spent many of my days folding a variety of different paper airplane designs, exploring how each different fold would change the way it flew. As a result, this piqued my interest to explore the fundamentals of aviation. I could spend hours reading about aircraft design and learning about the history of flight. A few years later, at the age of nine, I saved up for my first radio controlled airplane. This was my introductory to radio controlled flight and taught me countless valuable life lessons. After several years of flying model airplanes, I decided to build my first racing drone. It was equipped with a first person view (FPV) video system. This allowed me to fly it from the drone's perspective, providing a bird's eye view of the landscape below. FPV gave me an entire new sense of freedom. With the headset on, I was no longer bound to the earth, but brought the ability to soar like an eagle. It's been almost two years since I first flew a…show more content…
Along with them on the scouting mission were some of the world's most talented drone pilots. It was such an honor to meet the people that I greatly look up to for their flying abilities. Since then, they've inspired me to push forward and improve upon my skills in drone racing and freestyle. Recently, I was invited by Scot Refsland to participate in the DroneNationals' freestyle event that is upcoming in August. I am very excited to participate in the national contest. After the DroneNationals are held in New York, a world drone championship will be held here in Hawaii. This event, called the DroneWorlds, will take place this October 17-22 on Oahu. It will be the ultimate showdown between the best pilots from around the world in both freestyle and racing
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