Avulsion Fracture Of The Tibia

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The type of fracture in the knee X-ray is an avulsion fracture of the tibia tubercle. Avulsion fractures are the result of tensile loading on the bone (McKinnis, 2014; Smith, n.d.). Fragments of bone are pulled away from the main body of the bone resulting from a tensile loading on the bone, through active muscle contraction or resistance of a ligament. Additionally, an avulsion fracture will appear radiolucent on a radiograph as a result of hemorrhage and the space between the bone fragment and main body of bone (McKinnis, 2014; Smith, n.d.). An avulsion fracture of the tibia most commonly is seen in athletic males, aged 14-16 years, during the time of the transitional phase of physeal closure just prior to completion of growth (Ertl, 2014).
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