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C: Equity Pedagogy - Principals demonstrate a commitment to a diverse population of students by creating an inclusive and positive school culture, and provide instruction in meeting the needs of diverse students, talents, experiences and challenges in support of student achievement. Diversity in the school community is an asset to the school and student population. Through positively recognizing diversity, staff, students, and the community can showcase a broader range of talents and achievements. This past year, AAHS had several huge behavior incidents where students lacked understanding and respect for others of different backgrounds, needs, or skills. The majority of the discrimination was focused around race or religious affiliation. To create an inclusive and positive school culture, administration had to address the issues with the entire school population. I brainstormed with other leaders in the building and created a video presentation for our Konnections class that encouraged Konnections teachers to talk with their students about racism and an appreciation to diversity in the school community. During the turmoil, we also had to teach teacher how to openly talk about race and the issues that revolve around it. Race and religion are two examples of diversity in the school population; however, there are many different facets of diversity that principals should both acknowledge and appreciate. Equity in learning is another huge challenge that faces school

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