B. R. Richardson Integrative Case (Od) Essay examples

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B.R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case study 1. For the following people in the case, list the comments and observations of the employees and consultants using a table. (15 points) Employee Employee observations Consultant observations Ben Richardson - Somewhat authoritarian and perfectionist - Believes in motivating employees using rewards - Open to communication with employees - Effective leader who recognizes weaknesses in his organization and seeks effective solutions Juanita Yates - Very influential due to influences she has over Ben Richardson - Influential employee who questions decisions made Rich Bowman - Third ranked in terms of influence at plant - Influential through association with Juanita…show more content…
This is due to the fact that he is an outsider to the company and these employees may be suspicious of his intentions. Employees are usually suspicious of intentions of third parties who they may view to be a threat to their careers. They are aware that there are certain weaknesses present in the plant and they may not cooperate fully for fear of being implicated in these shortcomings. In addition, recommendations are usually made at the end of the report by Lawler. The supervisor and manager are unsure of recommendations which may be made, which they may view to be a threat to their careers. Many employees also oppose organizational change due to uncertainty associated with it, which is another reason the supervisor and manager may not be cooperative for fear of change which will result as a basis of the report developed by Lawler. 4. List the problems that Richardson and Bowman see in the plant (do not include your own opinions). (5 points) There are various problems which are seen in the plant according to Bowman’s and Richardson’s views. One of the major problems regards safety. Employees are seen to be working in unsafe working environments where they are exposed to injury. A while back, one employee was fatally injured when working and this led to several employees quitting work in frustration. This is a problem which Bowman and Richardson aim at solving. Another problem involved employee motivation.
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