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IDC survey reports that 3 out of 4 B2B buyers used social media to communicate with peers before making purchasing decisions. According to Accenture 94% of buyers research online before making the final decision. Research indicates that 64% of C-suite have the final sign-off on purchases. Overview Hello! Thanks for your question about who makes the buying decisions in the business to business training field. The short version is that Below you will find a deep dive of my findings. METHODOLOGY My colleague and I scoured the Internet for reports, articles, studies, charts/graphs, tables, or surveys that contained any information on buying decisions in the training field for business to business transactions. We researched articles …show more content…

Even more important is the fact that 81% of non-C-suite get to voice their opinion on purchases. Last year 18-34 years did almost half of all B2B researching. This was a dramatic increase of 70% over the past two years. What we have learned from this is that our millennial are gaining power rapidly from research to decision. According to Fusion when they ask two sales managers who really makes training purchase decisions, they had different answers. The first said they don't call on the training staff, they call on the "big dog". They go to the CEO and other C-suite execs that have the "real decision-making clout" as they call it. The other sales manager said he spends most of his time with the training staff. He says his boss always tells him to call on the CEO, but they are typically too busy and dismiss him to the lower-level staff. They gave two real-world examples regarding C-suite versus staff and finally broke it down to this, whoever owns the business, own the decision on training. According to Sales Force, there are 5 factors that influence B2B buying behavior. 1) Availability of information 2) Skeptical prospects 3) Socially connected and influenced customers 4) Buyer Confidence 5) New decision-making process There is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet of just about every product, service, and training you can imagine. With today's economy, buyers

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