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Manga is one of the population trend in Japan. There are different types of manga, such as romantic, fighting, funny, but one type of manga has pop-up in this industry these decades and becoming more and more acceptable in Japan, especially girls. It is called BL manga. BL, which is the short form of BOY’S LOVE(ボーイズラブ), which is a kind of manga that features the love story between two boys. This kind of manga can’t be recognized as such main-stream as the other kinds of manga, but it definitely has its market. The topic of BL has been used not only in manga, but also in different kinds of media like games, CD dramas and novels. But this study is mainly focusing on the BL manga. Many people will ask, why there are such many girls would…show more content…
Therefore, it can easily catch girls’ eyes more easily and make them fall in love with BL manga.

2.) Perfect reflection of the girls ‘mind

In fact, spiritually, BL love is a kind of Heterosexual relationships. As mentioned before, there are offensive(攻め【せめ】)and submission(受け【うけ】. Even physically, both are boys, but what the submission side presented is like a girl. They usually are shine and act passively. And their outlook are quite girly also. This enable girls to fit in to the characters. In the survey, 60%of the respondents will fit into characters in BL.

But people may ask, why should be a boy instead of girl in this relationship?

It may due to Misogyny (explain later) and the social structure of the society. In a real society, male and female cannot be treated in a asolute fair way. Especially in Asia countries, female are the one to be oppressed. As a result, there won’t be absolute fairness in a relationship. Therefore, girls are looking for a relationship or a society that both parties have an equal level. In BL story both parties are boys, with an equal physical structure, both parties will react in the equal level. Therefore, it possibly implies that girls are urge this kind of fairness and equal in the real society.

3.) Provide rooms of imagination for girls

Everyone loves beautiful things, especially girls. Based on the survey, 40% of the respondent watch BL manga because of the attractive look of the characters in BL. Some of
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